Monday, June 3, 2013

Nothing worth having comes easily...

Hi friends!
How are you all?  MB, how is your mom doing? Divad-Thanks for the comments and encouragement!!

I am still sick.  I'm wondering if maybe it's allergies? I'm not really sneezing, but I am coughing a lot.  And I just feel "bad".  Headaches and achy joints.  It's been going on for a while and not really getting any better, so I have no clue.

I keep plugging on.  I have ended up cheating every day. :( I am trying to get it under control.  Trying to GAIN control, is more like it.  I decided I need to eat more on plan, like I've mentioned.  Today I had some "chicken salad" (shredded chicken, a splash of Worcestershire sauce, yellow mustard, minced onions and a few craisins) on lettuce leaves and it was pretty good.  Besides coffee, that's all I've had so far.  I need to eat an apple.

My weight is slowly, slowly creeping down.  I am so tempted to give up, because it is SO HARD.  But I keep reminding myself that I don't want to weigh the same 3 months down the road! If I just keep at it, the weight will go down. 

So, I'm pressing on, even though it's tough. 

I am planning to implement some kind of summer schedule.  I am going to make a big chart, or maybe get a large whiteboard, and I'm going to assign all of the kids (well, not Nora) ;-P a couple of chores.  Making their bed and one household chore for sure.  Maybe another one thrown in there.

I also need to come up with A Plan for summer.  Sitting around doing nothing in my backyard sounds like an amazing idea to me, but my kids... not so much.  They need direction and something to do, otherwise they dissolve into basket cases, screaming and fighting and yelling and crying.  It's not pretty.  Or fun.

So that's on my agenda to get done.  Figure out some activities we can do at home, plus some places we can go.  The 17th-27th they have swim lessons every weekday, so that'll be good.  If you have any ideas, throw them at me!!


  1. RA, thanks for asking about my mom, she had a double lung transplant on 5/21 and kicked her out of the hospital on 5/31. Shocking 10 days and you are well enough to leave the hospital. She is so much better with breathing and not needing any oxygen but it will be a long, hard road to recovery and the rest of her life. She has to watch everything she comes into contact with forever because of a suppressed immune system and rejection is very common. We will do the best we can with this second opportunity at life.
    Living and almost dying (twice) it really puts into perspective what is important in life, your family, your friends, your health. You have all of these, cherish them, enjoy every day and you know what in your happiness I think your weight will come off. I know with stress and tiredness I eat and eat junk but when I am happy and stress free I don't even think about eating.
    I hope you also realize just a little every day will get you there and keep you there.
    Keep plugging away, you turtle.

  2. It can't be easy to stay on plan when you're not feeling well. Not to mention the fatigue of a young brood. I know we will find our way!