Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Hi All,
I apologize for my spartan posting.  I just am so sick, that I rarely can get on the computer for long, and I don't want to just come on and whine. :-P

Yep, pregnancy is NOT my friend.  I really don't understand it. I mean, weren't women MADE to carry babies!?  So why does my body react so negatively to pregnancy??  My sister had a breeze of a pregnancy.  But not I.

I've actually already had semi-panic attacks because I really don't think I can live like this for the next 6.5 months.  That's a long time to feel like utter crap and try to take care of a family.  I've been having lots of conversations with God, but it seems this is my lot, for now.  Not even the prescription drug helps me.  So I just focus on one day at a time, and getting through today.

I've been having real issues with getting any protein in.  Meat = YUCK.  So yesterday I was languishing in bed, trying to figure out what to eat that would stay down, and I got an idea.  I have protein shake mix, so I whipped up a smoothie and it was actually really good.

I used:
Chocolate protein powder
Flax Seeds (ground)
Metamucil (ha.)

And it tastes really good, keeps me full for a looooong time, and it stayed down! I just have to make sure I sip it slowly.  I made another one this morning, and I'm hoping it helps me feel better.

I basically have to graze all day long in order not to be sick, and almost exclusively on carbs.  This is so not good for weight gain or constipation (which I have a horrible, horrible, horrible case of).  I stepped on the scale at one point last week and I was up 4 pounds. Gulp.  Not additional, but total.  Which isn't an insane amount, but I have never gained weight in the first trimester before. So despite not being able to keep much down, I'm still gaining weight. Yippee! :-P

I'm not super worried about the gaining weight part. I know it's part of pregnancy, and a healthy baby is the only thing that matters.  BUT what I am very worried about is a "big" baby.  I say "big" with quotation marks because Owen was my biggest baby at 7.4 pounds.  Which, really, isn't big.  But for me, for my body, it was too big.  I was in agony at the end of my pregnancy.  Literally could NOT get comfortable; I couldn't sit, I couldn't stand, I couldn't lay down.  My back was giving out so I couldn't walk.  I took Vicodin. VICODIN!!!  I went very nearly insane, I was in sooooo much pain all the time.

Today I have my first appt with my OB, so I plan to talk to him about that today.  I don't want to be induced early because I've seen too many babies/mamas have problems from being induced early.  But I want to know if he has any ideas/tips/suggestions on what to do to not feel sick, but not have to eat carbs like they are going out of style, in the hopes that my baby won't be so big.

Anyway, that's the latest with me.  We get to see the baby again today, and if I can figure out how I'll post a picture of the u/s picture. :)

MaryBeth- OH. MY. GOODNESS!!!!!!!!  Paris!?!?!  Have a wonderful, fantastic, spectacular trip!!! And hold on tight to that sweet husband of yours.  Eat a pain au chocolat for me!! The Eiffel Tower is truly amazing... and FREAKY at the top when it sways in the wind!  Enjoy yourself immensely, my dear! And Happy Birthday!!

To everyone else- THANK YOU for being my friend, for reading what I write and for taking the time to comment.  You are sweetie pies!!!

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  1. Hi Ruth Anne, maybethe "one game at a time" approach you hear from pro coaches/athletes all the time beats looking at it like having to get through 6.5 months. Yeah it's cliche, but if I have a really complex project at work, it can be debilitating to sit there and think about how I'll ever get it all done. Instead I try to focus on least one little piece of the puzzle at a time, and eventually all those little pieces add up and the whole thing gets done. I know that this doesn't even come close to your situation, but still maybe just figuring out how to make it through today could serve you too.