Monday, May 21, 2012


Well, as soon as I posted/talked about how well my back was doing... it went all wonky again. :-p And I had to cancel my physical therapy appt because my OB could only get me in at a certain time, and it was when my PT appt was.  So I don't see my therapist until next week, on Friday. :-/

These days I'm in a fair amount of pain, both from my back, from the baby moving in less amniotic fluid and just aches and pains in general.  I've gained 35 pounds and my body is creaking and groaning under the weight.  I know I've said it before, but this is the absolute heaviest I've ever been, by far. 

I'm really praying that I have the baby a week early.  I'm not sure if I can handle 3 more weeks of feeling like this, but at the same time I'd rather wait until she is fully baked and ready to meet the world so we don't have feeding or other issues.  I don't really have a choice anyway. ;-) 

I'm all ready for her to come. Bassinet is set up, hospital bag is packed, teeny tiny diapers are bought.  I just can't wait to hold her in my arms!!! 

Last night all 3 of my kiddos were begging me to have her.  I was like, "Dudes, I totally would if I could!!!" They even went so far as to cross their fingers.  I'm not sure where they got that, but they ate dinner, got their pajamas on and watched a bedtime movie all with their fingers crossed. :-D  Unfortunately, it didn't work.

I'll keep you posted on anything new.  I don't have my OB appt this week until Friday.  At my last appointment not much was happening; nothing to report really.

Hope you're all doing well!  Our summer weather has disappeared and it's back to raining.  I plan to take it easy and do a whole lot of nothing. ;-)

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  1. So cute! I didn't realize their fingers were crossed for an extended period of time. Lol