Friday, May 4, 2012

Only about 5 weeks left!

Hi guys!
Sorry for my lack of posting. I've been insanely busy and just not really motivated to post.  Nothing real exciting going on.

I have a little over 5 weeks left, and boy can I feel it.  I will be so happy when this baby is out!

I'm hoping to keep busy so these last few weeks go by quickly.  My back is still horrible; nothing new there.  I'm back in PT and it helps a bit, but I really need to get back to the pool.  Just not sure when I can fit that in.

I'll take a picture next week so you can see how baby is growing. ;-)

My next appointment I have an ultrasound to check position of baby and get a general idea of how much she weighs. I'm really curious about both! My OB just moved his office to the hospital and my appointments went from being 20 minutes max to waiting for an hour before he even came in. :( He was super apologetic and nice, but I don't have that kind of time! Oh well, only a few more weeks anyway.  Too bad that he had to move now that I have to go every week (after my next appt). :-P

Otherwise things are well.  The kids are healthy and crazy as ever, Josh has been keeping busy.  Now if the weather would just shape up and get with the program! I need to see the sun! Enough with the rain!

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