Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I'm an aunt again!

My SIL had her baby girl this morning!!

It's so exciting and I can't wait to go see her and remember how tiny newborns are.  The baby was just 7 pounds.

Yesterday I had Braxton Hicks contractions (painless contractions) every 5-7 minutes for 3 hours before they went away.  I had this when I was pregnant with Christian too, but the doctor wasn't worried because they weren't changing my cervix.  I'm hoping I go a tiny bit early this time so that I'll be out of the hospital and recovered enough to attend Christian's kindergarten graduation.  My due date is right around the last day of school.

I also had a freak out session last night, and went into Mower Mode.  I basically grazed my way through the kitchen and ate JUNK.  Jelly beans, honey roasted peanuts, Bugles, and a cookie.  All total, and utter crap.  And then I panicked, thinking that all I was doing was adding fat to my baby and me.  And not healthy fat.  It was a wake up call, for sure.

I'm hoping to get a really nice blender (like a VitaMix) soon, so hopefully I can start making green smoothies and protein shakes and get back on track.  That's my hope, anyway. ;-)

Hope you all have a good day! I'll be snuggling a newborn at some point today. :-D

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