Friday, April 13, 2012

Oh, Baby

Well, I can officially say the baby is no longer laying sideways.  She's head down.  Which is great, right!?  Yes.  Except.  Now I am in SO MUCH PAIN.

Oh my word, I have forgotten how bad it hurts.  My ribs are constantly burning; it feels like they are on fire.  And that's not even when she's kicking or moving.  There just is absolutely no room in my short torso, and because my stomach doesn't just stick out really far (I have no idea why; my abs are NOT strong) then the baby is all up in my organs and ribs. 

So just sitting and standing... pain.  Always. 

And I have 9 weeks left!?  63 more days.  Where she gets bigger.  And longer. 

Dear Lord, give me strength!

I am determined to take it the right way, to not dwell on the inconveniences, but to be consciously thankful for this precious gift.  Because it is SO worth it. 

Just don't laugh at me for constantly stretching out as far as I can, laying in odd positions and doing other silly things to try to make more room for Baby Girl. ;-)

In other news, my mom has an MRI today; pray they find out what's wrong, and that it's not life threatening and can be treated/fixed.

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  1. My Uncle has a large growth on the side of his head and they did an MRI and Cat Scan last week and yesterday he finally got the news it is not cancerous but only a large mass. They still have to do surgery which is dangerous but at least he got some great news. I hope your mom's test turn out to be nothing serious.
    I have to go out and get my silly dog off the pool cover, have a great weekend!