Monday, April 2, 2012

Plugging Along

Hi Everyone,
How are you? I'm doing okay.

I am still so heartbroken for my friend, and feel massive amounts of guilt that my baby is still alive and healthy while she had to bury hers. It seems so unfair, but I just have to trust that God knows what He's doing and has a perfect plan in all of it.

There are big changes happening. For one, I'm enrolling Owen in preschool today. He's my youngest currently and it's so strange to think of him going to school! He was born in November so he missed the school cut off for this year.  So we're starting him in preschool, cuz he's ready and needs that mental stimulation.  So come September Kate and Christian will both be in school full time, and Owen will go for a few hours 2 days a week.

The other big change... is my belly. ;-) It's getting bigger and bigger.  Yesterday I started to get discouraged/down on myself because the shirt I was wearing was quite tight and I probably won't be able to wear it again. Then I realized it's a size medium, NON maternity shirt. :-P

And having my friend lose her sweet girl really put things in perspective for me.  WHO CARES how much weight I've gained? (24 pounds, in case you're interested.) WHO CARES if I've already gained 4 pounds MORE than I ever have before during pregnancy, and I still have 10 weeks to go.  It's all so irrelevant and shallow and the only thing that matters is getting my baby here, safe and sound.  WHO CARES how much my back hurts, or how sick I feel, if the end result is a precious little baby in my arms?

It's really helped me remember to be thankful for this miracle, and not resent all the aches and pains and inconveniences that go with it.

I do, however, have a plan for these last 10 weeks.  Lately I've felt so heavy and toxic.  My frame is not meant to carry this much weight, and it's glaringly obvious.  I am not feeling well in general.  So I'm going to TRY to eat according to my blood type.  Have you heard of this?  There are certain foods that I should be eating and others that I should avoid.  I have type O blood, so the best things for me are most vegetables and fruits (but not strawberries or oranges, waaahhhh!), lean meats and few grains.  No dairy really at all.

I'm hoping to start making some green smoothies and maybe some protein shakes.  I think if I'm able to stick to the right foods for the most part, that some of the unnecessary weight I've gained will drop off, and I'll feel better, more energized, etc...  I have to get the book from my friend, and then buy the right stuff, but I'm hoping to start in the next 2 weeks.  I'll keep you posted on how I'm doing.

I hope you all are well.

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  1. I can't imagine the heartbreak you friend must be feeling. Like you said, there is a plan, but sometimes I just don't like His plan.
    I can't believe you think 24 pounds is alot. I think I could put that on over a holiday weekend. I have heard people talk about the blood type diet but have never read anything about it. I keep thinking about doing green smoothies but am too lazy to buy that many fruits and veggies. There is a blog called green smoothie girl, check it out. I think her family almost drinks all their meals.
    Also I read a blog post from Jessica Seinfeld on her Do It Deliciously web site about a protein power mix she used one time after she burnt the roof of her mouth. The reason she wanted to stay on the mix was because of all the extra energy she got while drinking it. I think if I got that and had any energy at all it would help with my exercise (which I am now down to just walking my dog one mile a day) and diet. I eat candy all day trying to boost the energy. The web site is
    Let me know what the name of the book is maybe I can download it on my ipad and read it.
    Medium shirt and you think you are too make me laugh!!