Monday, April 16, 2012

Mom's MRI results

Hi All,
So my mom had her MRI on Friday, and because my sister works in the medical field she was able to get a doctor to read the results right away.  The good news is there are no tumors, no sign of stroke, and no brain degeneration.  The bad news is, we still don't know what's wrong.  But we're SO SO SO thankful to have ruled out those scary things!!

In other news, I'm so glad that Baby Girl flipped once again... back to transverse, where she's laying sideways.  It is so much more comfortable for me!!  No more burning ribs or bruised organs.  I hope she stays like this for a couple more weeks.

My back is still hurting in a major way.  A heating pad has really been helping, and I just keep telling myself that it's just for a time.  Once the baby comes my back usually returns to normal within a few weeks/months.  And it's so worth it.

I'm getting so excited to meet our little girl, to see what she looks like and see who she is.  I bought a baby swing the other day, and Kate and I immediately came home and started playing with it. :-D

I bought the swing second hand and only found out once we got it home that it plays music and has different settings for the swing. I think that doll has put more miles on the swing in the last 2 days than is reasonably necessary. ;-)

MB-Rebecca is the name that my dear friend chose for her little girl who went to heaven. I do like your other suggestions, though!

Hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy!  And having better weather than us!! Rain, rain, rain and more rain!  I'm ready for summer!!

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  1. Ruling out those things are a blessing but it must be weighing very heavy on her not knowing what is wrong. I will keep praying.
    My uncle was under the impression for almost 10 days until they gave him his mri results that he had some kind of lymphoma, I can't imagine his struggle for those 10 days.
    I am certainly happy that the baby turned for you, a little relief is better than none.
    Did you ever see Steel Magnolias? How about that name, Shelby? Annabelle,Mackenzie, Michala, Christine, I will keep throwing them out.
    Here in PA, where I live, I think it went up to 89 today. We could have opened our pool in February it has been so nice here. I am afraid it will mean a very hot summer. My husband is golfing in NC so last night I actually turned on the air conditioning after walking the dog. Ugh I am getting sick just thinking about the heat.