Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tiny Victories

We've been looking at ellipticals online, as that's most likely the route I'm going to go, but haven't pulled the trigger yet.  Mostly I've been focusing on my eating, and making sure I don't eat just junk.

But, for the first time since Nora was born, I was able to get my wedding ring off!  Not that I want it off, mind you, but for the longest time my fingers were still too swollen/fat to even budge.  So that's something. ;-)

I tend to feel overwhelmed by the task of losing the baby weight; it's daunting.  The only way I've lost this amount of weight before was with HCG, but that's not an option while nursing.  So exercise and watching what I eat, it is. 

I don't have unrealistic dreams or expectations.  I don't have hours in the day to work out.  There are days when I must have chocolate.  So it's going to be back to my motto... Slow and Steady Wins the Race. :-D

I am very ready for the weight to start coming off; it's no fun feeling like a prisoner in your own body.  Getting dressed is sheer torture.  Nothing looks right or feels right.  So it's time to start taking those baby steps towards getting back to my pre-pregnancy weight.

Hope you all are doing well and enjoying your summer!


  1. I never tried one of those machines before! Looks like fun though

  2. I don't know how you do it. I had my sister and her husband and 2 kids here for the weekend and then she left her 14 year old boy for the week and I thought it was pure torture. He went swimming with his cousins every day, out to dinner and ice cream every night to a movie and yet he was still bored. Shoot me now. I have never been happier to put someone on a plane.

  3. I SO KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN:) I'm sick of it too! Only 20 lbs to go, but makes a BIG difference!

    Think of you often girl and miss you tons! Hope to catch up soon! moving Thursday so will try to catch ya next week, I hope! Lots of love and can't wait to hold NORA! She is so adorable! Hugs!