Tuesday, September 25, 2012



My mom left this comment on my last post:

Good for you!!! do you realize that 2 pounds a week is 8 pounds a MONTH? of slow, steady, stabilizing weight loss? So by February when the bathing suits are starting to make their appearance you will be down 40 pounds!

That was a really good reminder for me!  It can feel like it's going to take FOR-EV-ER to lose weight, when you have a fairly significant amount to lose.  But if you just keep plugging away, it WILL come off.

I am actually pretty happy with my weight-loss so far, and hope I can continue to lose around 2 pounds a week.

One thing I really need to step up on is my water intake.  I've been horrible about it lately, and have been mainly drinking coffee and Diet Dr. Pepper. EEEEKKKK!  So one of my goals for this week is to drink 70oz of water a day.  Crystal Light came out with a new product:

Instead of being sweetened with aspartame, it's sweetened with Truvia, which is a natural derivative of the stevia plant.  I tried the lemonade flavor and wasn't super impressed, but I also have the mixed berry.  I think they'd taste better if I mixed it with some flavored carbonated water, like maybe Tangerine Talking Rain.

Anyway, that's what's up with me.  We'll see what my weigh-in says on Friday!


  1. Oh I love crystal lite. I hate drinking water unless I am so hot but I could drink the crystal lite iced tea all day. I will have to look for this new stuff. I am also trying to find some energy boosting mix that I swear is called fizz something but can't track it down.

  2. @Mary Beth,
    Costco used to sell it. It looks like little pixie stix. I worked with a woman who would add a stick to her bottle of water every afternoon.