Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Still Here

Hi Guys!
I'm still here, despite the serious lack of posting around here.  I've been busy and well, haven't been losing weight so not really sure what to post.

Isn't that the truth?! It's like a constant war on the inside.  Lose weight... Eat...

I did buy some rice protein powder and apple cider vinegar "with the Mother".
I have no idea what "with the Mother" means, but apparently if you take 1tsp of it twice a day, it speeds up your metabolism and helps you lose weight.  I was taking it regularly (it's disgusting, by the way) but then it started burning my stomach and I wasn't sure if it affected my milk supply.  So I stopped.  I need to find a concrete answer on whether or not it's ok to take while nursing.

The rice protein powder is great.  I make it into shakes with almond milk, a banana, a spoonful of peanut butter, and a handful of walnuts.  It's pretty good, but is chalky.  I don't mind it, though.  I just have to make sure I have time to blend it up.

I need to get back on the WW wagon. I just got an iPhone, so I can download the WW app.  That'll help since I'll be able to look up points and track points when I'm away from my computer.  My desire to lose weight is really super strong, but then evening comes and I'm tired and stressed and I just want to eat.  But then I see pictures of myself and I just want to cry.  Or crawl into a hole. 

MaryBeth-Your idea of being put into a coma and fed through an IV for a couple weeks until the weight falls off is genius!!  I so wish I could do that.  Losing weight is HARD WORK.

I'm going to try to post regularly, and weigh once a week again, to keep myself accountable.  My brother-in-law is getting married in March and I want to be down to my pre-pregnancy weight by then.  Or close, if possible.  This is what I looked like the day I found out I was pregnant with Nora:

Ohhhhh how I long to be that thin again!!!!

Anyway, it's a work in progress.  I need to be disciplined and JUST DO IT.  

I'll leave you with a family pic we recently took, as well as this sweet shot of Nora who is 5 months old already!!!


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  1. OMG you look great in those pictures! Who you tryin to fish a compliment from girlie????
    Sorry took so long to post but I was away last week for my birthday. I have never ever thought about my age but this one is a killer, 49.
    I have decided to start subtracting years for every 10 pounds I lose or for any cosmetic surgery I have done. So one way or another I will be 35 very soon!!
    Hope to hear from you before Thanksgiving, I want to hear about your holiday, who came, what you ate and how Friday we should start the big push to look better by Christmas! I believe my present to myself will be lipo.