Friday, October 19, 2012


Has it really been 11 days since I last blogged??? Things have been so crazy hectic around here.

Kids have been sick, sleep has been non-existent, baby has been fussy, house has been messy and mama has been STRESSED.

It seems like everything kind of snowballed at once.  One by one the kids got some kind of stomach virus that ended with them throwing up multiple times.  Nora has thrush and I don't know what all else going on, because my normally sweet and mild mannered baby girl has been ANGRY. 

I haven't been to bed before midnight all week, and I just can't function like that. 

So, needless to say, my WW has kind of taken a back seat.  I need to get back on it.  I noticed that as much as I hate it, I really do have to buy all the processed, pre-packaged food that I know the points of.  Otherwise I tend to just not eat... all day.... until the doo hits the fan in the afternoon and then I'm like a crazy wild woman shoving food in my mouth.

I've seriously contemplated shutting my blog down because it's just another layer of stress for me right now.  Not that anyone besides MaryBeth, my family and my friends read it, but I always have this dull nagging voice in my head telling me to post and update, but there's not really anything to say.  I'm currently holding steady with my weight-not going up or down. But I desperately want it to go down.  So I need to prepare and organize myself to get back on the WW train and do it diligently.

I didn't weigh today, but I will weigh tomorrow and log that into WW and begin again.  I'm not giving up, and I will be back to my pre-pregnancy size.  I just don't know how long it will take, but I'm not satisfied to just stay where I'm at.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Oh girl I hear your pain, I am stressing every day and my afternoon eating is off the charts. Why oh why can't I be one of those women who stress themselves skinny? If breakup weight loss wold happen for me I would divorce my husband in a New York minute (just kidding, maybe).
    I also have this crazy idea that maybe a doctor could put me in a medically induced coma for a few weeks on very limited caloric intake and when I wake up I would be 30 pounds lighter. I think it sounds like a reasonable plan, that is how off the rails I am.
    I do love hear from you every day, it is almost like my daily call with a close friend but if this is causing more stress, don't do it. Or only do it when you feel like it. Life is too short to not enjoy it any way you want. I have you on google reader so when ever you post I will get it.
    Hope everybody feels better soon and your stress goes down. Take care of yourself first. Talk to you soon, xoxo, MB