Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Leaving on a jet plane...

Ah, good ol' John Denver. =)

So even though I *just* got back from a 2 week family vacation, I'm leaving again! But this time it's for a little romantic getaway with my husband. We haven't been away to a warm place for more than the weekend since our honeymoon 6.5 years ago, so we are quite excited!

And get this... I'm leaving my scale at home!!! LOL I know that sounds completely insane and ridiculous (that I'd even CONSIDER taking my scale) but I've gotten used to having to weigh every day while on HCG and maintenance. Now that I'm done with both, I'm not tied to the scale anymore. =)

I can't wait to lay in the sun, SLEEP, read a book, SLEEP, go out to dinner, SLEEP, swim, SLEEP, etc... Can you tell Josh and I are completely and utterly exhausted!? He has been putting in mammoth hours at work and my kiddos have been getting up early, waking up at night and just generally being rascals all around.

Josh's sister (ironically, her name is Ruthanne, too!!!) is coming to babysit. She is great with kids, but I'm worried mine are going to run her into the ground. I hope they are on better behavior than they are with me. ;-) I plan to hit up the dollar store for some fun things for them to do each day.

Now I've got to pack all over again, but this time I'm packing "little" clothes and bathing suits... fun stuff. :-D There is a lazy river at our resort and I fully intend to meander down it with a book. Oh my, I can't wait!!!

Ok, I'm off to pack, hit up the library, dollar store and hit the hay early as our flight leaves before the crack of dawn!

See you on Monday... with a weigh in!

P.S. YAY for the return of my turtle!!!


  1. how long are you gone? Have a restful, relaxing, fun time. :)

  2. What's that about my crack? :) That's standard joke material when your name is Dawn(e).

    Have a GREAT trip. I am envious. Enjoy every moment.

  3. I left you an award on my blog to come home to!