Thursday, August 5, 2010

Muffin Top

Good Morning!

How is everyone this fine Thursday? I'm running around like a chicken with it's head cut off, lists of stuff to do and bring trailing behind me. ;-) We leave on Saturday morning, and there is a LOT of stuff to pack and prepare.

Yesterday I found a chocolate Costco muffin stashed in my freezer. It had been in there from my binge days. I wanted to eat it bad. In fact, I did start eating it. I ate the top (aren't the tops of muffins the best parts!?) and then threw the rest in the trash. If I hadn't put it in the trash, I know I would have eaten the whole thing. And it wouldn't have been pretty. As it was I got an almost immediate headache that never went away until I got a good night's rest. I felt ill, which worked in my favor as I was able to fast the rest of the day.

I maintained at 142.8 this morning, and I'm thankful for that. It's interesting to see how something can seem so delectable but then when I actually eat it... it's nothing to write home about. I need to remember that.

Other than that I did pretty good. I had egg white with sweet onions for breakfast... sort of like an omelet. Then I had some pepperoni and cheese for lunch. Then the muffin top while I read and my kids were having their rest times. What is it with me and reading and snacking!? I get bored and want to munch on something. I need to learn to work through that, instead of reaching for food.

I'm in a bit of a pickle because we don't have a lot of staples in the house, because we're leaving for vacation and I don't want them to spoil. I also plan to buy the bulk of the food once we get there so we don't have to transport it. This means most of the things I usually eat... we are out of. No turkey sausage, no pepperoni, no tuna, no lunch meat, no nuts, etc... I think that's one reason why I ate the muffin; I was feeling hungry (and bored, I'll admit it) and there wasn't anything Atkins friendly for me to eat. So I ate the muffin top.

Not much else to report today; I hope you're doing well and have a fun weekend ahead of you. I'll check in tomorrow, and then it will probably be Monday before I have a chance to check in again.

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