Monday, August 2, 2010


Whooo boy. This weekend was a bit crazy. In more ways than one.

For one, my Katelet and I drove down to surprise my mom for her birthday. We had TONS of fun and it was totally worth the 7 hours in the car. Kate and I also got a chance to discuss such pressing questions as, "How do you tell if a person with close cropped hair is a boy or girl?" It got a little dicey when we were discussing whether or not you could tell by jewelry, since some girls DON'T wear it and some boys DO. We decided it would be best just to say hello and ask their name if we absolutely NEEDED to know whether they were a boy or girl. This discussion came about because while we were using a public restroom a very male person walked out of the stall. The whole line of women waiting erupted in whispers about whether it was a man or woman. And Kate took note. And we still don't know if it was a boy or girl.

I also got to teach Kate the difference between stars in the sky, and airplanes. :-D I admit, a blinking airplane does sort of look like a twinkling star.

She also imparted this gem on me... "Mom, do you know what my favorite part of today was?" It was that she got to see Grandma and play horseshoes. But then she added, "But my favorite, FAVORITE part was spending time with you." AWWWWWW. Totally sweet (and unprompted, I swear!).

Good times.

Now, on Fri and Sat I went a bit cuckoo. You already know about Friday. I am really not sure what is going on, as I haven't had this issue the past times I've done HCG. The only thing I can figure is that all the other rounds of HCG fell squarely during my time of the month, and therefore I was limited to my 500 calories. This time I am not, and I'm like a starving cow let loose in a grain field. I can't stop eating.

You guys. Between Fri and Saturday I gained not one, not two, but THREE pounds. Yes, 3. So yesterday, I fasted all day and then enjoyed a delicious grilled steak w/ onions and some tomato with salt and pepper. I was down 1.8 this morning, so I'm still over my lowest weight. I'm doing Atkins today and I'm hoping that by the end of the week I'll be back down to 143.

I'm not sure what to do if my weight keeps going up. I do know that I absolutely deserved to gain those 3 pounds. I ate (and THOROUGHLY enjoyed) my cream cheese danish, a plate of nachos (with sour cream and salsa) and crackers/cheese/pepperoni. And copious amounts of chocolate. Anything with chocolate or salt was fair game.

I think I've got things under control, but then again, I thought I had things under control after my binge last week. ;-P The good news is I haven't thrown up, nor have I been tempted to. Not even when I saw that 3 pound gain. So that is really, really good. I also am really, really constipated. It hurts. I haven't had a good bowel movement in 5 days. So I am drinking lots of water, I had a cup of coffee (usually helps me) and I took some Metamucil yesterday, although it didn't really help. Hopefully things start moving really soon and the scale goes down to reflect that.

Today we are chillaxing around the house. I'm starting to pack because this Friday we head out for a 2 week vacation! We're going to our church retreat and then heading to the beach with Josh's family. I am so excited!!! Then later in the month Josh and I are headed to Palm Springs! WOOT!!!! I can't even begin to describe how giddy we are about this. GIDDY, I tell you!

I didn't take a pic of the scale this morning because I forgot to charge my cell phone, but I weighed in at 144.6. I'm moving my ticker to reflect the gain. I'm hoping to lose those extra pounds and get back to 143 and stay right around there (within a pound or so) until I start my next round.

I hope you had a great weekend!!!


  1. 3 pounds isn't that much for the big change in your eating. I can seriously gain 3 overnight, then take a month to get it off! You're lucky you're still young! Once you get to the 40's....that's what they always told me, and I'm finding it to be true!
    Adorable comment by your daughter and that will never change. Time with Mom will always be cherished, even when they're big girls and don't always express it. :)

    I so want to be in the 140's with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I read about his HcG Diet. I have to sounds very gimmicky to me.

    Most of the research behind it is by people and organizations that benefit from you thinking taking HcG and eating only 500 calories is the miracle to weight loss. Non-biased, peer reviewed scientific research shows that between HcG and a placebo, there is no difference.

    Also, small children eat approximately 500cals per day. It is also NOT ENOUGH CALORIES TO SUPPORT NORMAL BRAIN FUNCTION! Not acceptable for grown women.

    Eating that little puts you into "starvation mode", where your body assumes you are in a phase of starvation and slows your metabolism and uses your muscles for energy. Your muscles burn calories! You don't want to lose them.

    Therefore, when you start to eat reasonably again, you have a slower metabolism and less muscle mass. You will gain more weight and more fat faster than if you adopted a scientifically researches and proven plan of eating a balanced diet, exercising, and keeping stress levels low. It's simple and it works.

    I bet if you went to a OB/GYN that is not related to the HcG diet fad, he/she would tell you that what you are doing is unhealthy and unreasonable. You might also get warned about a side effect called Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome.

    If the OB/GYN knows best, she/he would tell you to see a Registered Dietician and a Personal Trainer.

    I don't know about you, but I prefer to utilize proven, honest ways to improve my health.

    Pills, Injections, and Scams are not needed to gain and maintain a healthy lifestyle.