Tuesday, March 27, 2012

7 months

Today marks the beginning of my 7th month of pregnancy.  Is it just me, or does it feel like I've been pregnant for eons???

This is what I look like... My belly isn't that huge but I've gained weight everywhere. So my arms, legs, booty, face... all bigger than usual.

My back is giving me massive problems.  Since I haven't been able to do pool therapy I've noticed a HUGE decline in the health of my back.  It gives out and hurts all. the. time.  To the point that I feel nauseated.  I'm really not sure how I'm going to make it these last 11 weeks, as the baby gets bigger and pulls even more on my back.

I fear that I'll need a wheelchair!!!  Maybe something like this:

Ha ha! ;-)

I'm doing well otherwise.  I can tell I'm in the home stretch, and I've started getting sick more often and needing insane amounts of sleep.  Two nights ago I slept from 6pm to 8:30am and still could barely drag myself out of bed.  And by 7 that night I couldn't keep my eyes open.  CRAZY!!!!!

I am getting so excited to meet this little girl, even though I am having a serious hard time bonding with her.  It's the whole name thing. We do have a name, but Josh loves it way more than I do.  So I'm having a hard time identifying with her, because the name just doesn't seem to fit perfectly.  Oh well, I'm sure once she's here and I can see her, hold her, kiss her everything will fall into place.

We're working on building shelves in Kate's bedroom for the baby's clothes, and will be setting up the crib in the next few weeks, as soon as we get it back from the friends we loaned it to.  My nesting instinct is in high gear, which makes cleaning and organizing fun, so that's a huge blessing. ;-)

I hope you're all doing well!


  1. I think you are only now starting to look pregnant! I am sorry to hear you are having such problems with you back, sickness and exhaustion. I really can't understand how you are doing it.
    I am keeping this short because after your last post I wrote a long comment, twice, and both times it just disappeared. Fingers crossed it works.

  2. Wow it didn't work again the first time, just a small red box. I wonder if something is wrong on my end or yours.
    Second time it worked????? No idea.