Thursday, March 8, 2012

One to Twenty

1: week til I'm in the third trimester
2: pair of maternity pants that fit me
3: months until I'm due
4: kiddos I'll have in June
5: my ring size
6: pounds I hope this baby weighs when born
7: seats in our van
8: years we've been married
9: days til Kate turns 7
10: toes that need a pedicure
11: days til my next OB appointment
12: months I hope to nurse
13: times I blow my nose during the day, due to this cold I have
14: weeks until I can have a margarita
15: weeks until summer break begins
16: nieces and nephews I'll have by the end of the year
17: dollars for one cloth diaper
18: pounds I've gained
19: outfits Kate will try on in a day
20: times I tell the boys to stop fighting.  In an hour.

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