Monday, June 4, 2012

Come out, baby! Please?

Hi All!
How are you?  I'm doing pretty good, actually.  Last night I had contractions off and on all night, and really thought I'd have a baby by now.  But then they stopped. :(

My ankles and feet are SO swollen.  I don't even recognize them; it's so weird.  I've never had issues with swelling before.

My fingers are just as bad.  My joints hurt like crazy; I can hardly squeeze the shampoo bottle!

But, it's just a time and season and I think (HOPE!) that once I have the baby all the swelling will go away.

Here is my little baby corner that I set up in the living room:

The pictures of my backyard aren't uploading right now, so I'll have to post those separately.

Mostly, I'm writing to ask that you pray/send good vibes/ etc... that Little Miss will come out soon.  Like, today.  It's a full moon and babies are historically born on full moons.  I've had so many contractions over the last week and I'm kind of just mentally exhausted with all the waiting and wondering.  I'm ready.  Everything here is ready. The kids are ready. Josh is ready.  We're just waiting on  my body and baby to be ready.  So if you could say a quick prayer that today is the day, we would be eternally grateful!

I will try to get on here somehow and post as soon as she is here. :)

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  1. OMG, I thought they were pudgey little baby feet until I read your second paragraph. I hope that doesn't hurt your feelings! I can only imagine with all this stuff happening to you everyday that it will be such a pleasure to have the baby. But I also think this is just your body's way of telling you to slow down enjoy the moment because it will be over sooner than you think.
    As for your yard, I am sure it is doing better than mine. I am still staring at unplanted flowers from weeks ago. The only things that look good in my yard are all the hydrangea and knockout roses that bloom every year without my help and the 2 baskets I just plopped down into my planters.
    At least the hot weather (90 degrees in May) is over for now and the rain is here. So maybe between the rain storms I will get out there and do something. But probably not ; )