Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Hey there,
So, today I can't stop crying. I am so ding dang emotional!  I am so so so tired of having contractions that aren't doing anything, and that aren't progressing to real labor.  They wake me up, they hurt, but they are doing nothing. Nothing.

I'm really, really trying my best to just be patient, to give her all the time she needs and know that she'll come when she's ready.  But today, it's hard.  I am so mentally, emotionally, physically exhausted.  I just want this part of pregnancy to be over with.  My body hurts everywhere.  I can't walk without it hurting.  I can't get in or out of bed, up or down on the couch, drive, cook, pretty much do anything without pain.

I'm hoping I'm close.  I remember when Christian was born, the morning before I went into labor I called my mom sobbing because Kate (who was just 14 months old) was throwing her food on the ground and it was just too. much. to. handle.  So I took her to my mom's, went home and started cleaning and went into labor.

I hate to come on here and just complain; no one likes to read whiny words.  But I'm just keeping it real.  Right now, it's hard.

Hopefully really soon I'll be holding a baby girl, and my body can start going back to normal.  Until then, I'll just keep my Kleenex box handy. :-P


  1. Make sure those Kleenex's are Puffs Plus or you'll end up with a sore nose :). Good news is. . .Babies HAVE to come out sometime. Either they decide to come on their own OR someone else makes that decision for them. you are doing GREAT! And soon she will be here :)

  2. I though I posted a comment but it didn't show up?!?
    But I wish you were having a better day, I see from todays post things got better. Take it easy, she will be here soon.