Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Nora Kristine
6 pounds 1 oz
19 inches long
June 10, 2012

She was literally like 5 minutes old when this picture was taken.  Here's one of her and daddy:

She is such a wonderful treasure and the most easy, laid back and happy baby.  Would you believe she is 3 days old and STILL HAS NOT CRIED!?!? She didn't cry after delivery, not through the 9 or 10 pokes she had to endure for her blood sugar, not when I change her diaper or bathe her, nada.  She fusses a little but I have yet to hear a full blown cry.

Her birth story is a doozy and I'll write it soon, but for now I'm kinda preoccupied snuggling my precious baby girl. ;-)

I'll add more pictures once I get the ones off my camera and my sister's downloaded. :-D


  1. So happy! She is beautiful. Best of luck with little Nora, please keep the pictures coming. xoxo, MB

  2. She is perfect!! So happy for you that its all over with!!

  3. Congrats! And I LOVE the name! Nora is beautiful.