Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Chugging Along

Hi there Blogger Friends!
So, guess what? In the last 2 days we've rented our house, sold both our cars, bought a minivan and a new computer. So crazy, but fun too. =)

Things are going amazingly well here. The packing has not been stressful, I just do some every day and so far so good. Tomorrow we get the U-Haul and start loading it, Friday we finish the job and head out!

Our new van is really nice. It's a 2000 Honda Odyssey and the best part is that we bought if for less than we sold our Explorer for! So we now have ZERO car payments. I'm really excited about that.

I'm looking forward to settling into our new house and getting into 24 Hour fitness. I'm really motivated to make a change and start losing weight again. It's been way too long that the scale has been stuck. I'm thankful it hasn't gone up, but it's time for it to start heading down again. My plan is to use the elliptical for however long it takes to burn 500 calories--usually 45 minutes or so, when I first start out. I also plan to cut out wheat. From there I'll research more into the Blood Type Diet and eating what is good for me and avoiding the "bad" foods.

Not much else to report right now, just wanted to check in. I'll be posting picture of the house once we get it done.

NONE of this is weight loss related, lol! Oh well, this is where I'm at right now. =)

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Wow! Lots of exciting stuff!! Glad to hear everything is going well. :)

  2. I love that you're motivated to continue working on the weight going down once life settles down a bit. Moving is change - change often brings change in other areas too. I found moving abroad, I had new motivation for things I hadn't in the past.