Friday, April 9, 2010

Under the Weather

Today I woke up with a cold. =( My nose is stuffy, yet running (HOW does that work!?), my ears are plugged and itchy, and I just feel... pooped. Like I got hit by a mini-cooper. Not a semi or anything, but definitely run down.

I went out last night with some very good friends as a good-bye thing. I had lots of fun, but it was also really sad and made me acutely aware of just what I'm leaving behind. ALL my friends and family. WAAAHHHHHH!!!!

I keep focusing on the positive, exciting aspects of the move, but today and I'm sure more days in the coming weeks, I am just plain ol' sad. I don't WANT to leave my friends and family. I don't WANT to leave my beloved house that we were just starting to really make our own. I don't WANT to leave everything I know and love.

I know it won't be all bad, I know that I will make new friends--really good friends-- and that this will be an important chapter in our lives. It's just hard today. Because basically today and this weekend are the last "free" days I have before the Packing Mania ensues and then... we're gone.

I AM looking forward to getting into a nice routine once we move, however. We are signing up with 24 Hour Fitness, as they have a really nice Sport Center 10 minutes from where we'll be living. I plan to start our new routine as soon as we're settled in. This new routine will be to get up in the morning, eat breakfast and go work out. It will also help get us in some kind of schedule to get ready for when Kate goes to school this fall.

So, yes. Bittersweet. I've given myself permission to cry today, and I'm taking that permission with gusto! :-P I've cried A LOT. But it feels good, like it's part of the process and something I need to do in order to be able to move on.

Josh comes home today, FINALLY! This was the LAST week he had to travel for 3 days a week. Once we move he'll still have to travel back down here, but it will only be 1 day a week, which is much more bearable.

I'm going to leave you with a few pictures that make me smile:

Fashion Challenged Bus Passenger
We were on a bus in Hawaii when this lovely lady caught my eye. :-D

Romantic Gestures
I came home to this one day after a long, hard day at work. Josh still does this for me from time to time. I adore that man.

Frou Frou Drinks with Umbrellas In Them
'Nuff Said =)


  1. Moving is always a bittersweet time I think. It sounds like you're approaching it in a healthy way though. :)

    Hope your cold gets better quickly!

  2. What a darling husband!!!! Mine has never done that, but he's still a darling.

    Keep feeling the pain of will make your transition easier if you feel the pain of saying goodbye. Keep crying. It's so healthy.