Wednesday, April 21, 2010

House Pictures

DISCLAIMER: All of these were taken with my shoddy phone camera, so none of them are good quality. But you'll get somewhat of an idea where the Skinny Turtle will complete her journey. ;-)

The Living Room
The couches sit across from the entertainment center.

The Living Room Corner and part of the Fireplace

The Dining Room
The candle screen was used in our wedding. =) The huge picture was painted by my great aunt.

The Kitchen
The blank wall that you can barely see to the right of the hutch will be filled with a huge corkboard type thing that I plan to cover with pictures of my family and friends.

Main Bath
It has a huge tub, PERFECT for soaking in!

Our Bedroom and Bathroom

Laundry Room/Powder Room in Basement

Basement with Wet Bar
We haven't done anything with this room/area yet besides plopping our hide-a-bed couches down there. ;-)

Deck and Backyard... at least part of it. It's raining today, so I didn't venture out too far. The yard is pretty big but hard to capture because the back part is sloped. Anyway, it's all open underneath the deck, and that is where we have their swing, mini trampoline, etc... set up. On the side of the house, which isn't pictured, there is a concrete pad with a basketball hoop and that's where they draw with chalk.

And last but not least, our new family ride:


  1. Congratulations on your move! May your family have many healthy and happy days there.

  2. Gorgeous fireplace in the basement. I'm kinda jealous!