Monday, April 26, 2010

This is it!

Good Monday Morning to you!

So, today I start working out and losing weight. =) I weighed in this morning at 167.5, which I'm not upset about. Honestly, if you could see how much junk I ate this past week, you'd be surprised. Heck, I surprised myself. ;-) Lots of twix and chips.

Anyway, I'm excited and motivated to start moving forward towards reaching my goal. Right now my goal is 130. So I have 37.5 pounds to lose. I can do this.

My plan is to go on the elliptical at least 3 times a week, each time burning 500 calories. I also am going to try to count calories. When I'm not logging my calories I very easily forget how quickly they add up. And it seems my body has at least one thing going for it... it can maintain like nobody's business.

Case in point... I have not been exercising or restricting my eating one teeny bit in the last 6 weeks and my weight has fluctuated between 165.5 and 167.5- so my hope is that once I get down to 130 (which I know is going to take blood, sweat and tears) that I won't have to be so strict with counting calories and what not.

We'll see how it goes once I actually get down to my goal weight. For now, I just want to focus on moving my body, getting in shape, feeling good about myself and setting a healthy example for my kiddos.

I've heard only amazing things about this gym we're going to. I haven't seen it yet for myself- today is the day! But the kids club daycare part of it reportedly has WII, bouncy house, structured crafts, etc... So my hope is that my children will enjoy going as much as me. If they hate it, it will make it so much harder for me to take them there just so I can work out. So hopefully all of us are as impressed with this gym as everyone else I've talked to.

I feel ready. Up to this point there have been times where working out/dieting was not a priority. And I was okay with that. But now I feel ready to do something about this extra baggage--get rid of the back fat, muffin tops, thunder thighs and belly bulge. Ha ha, that sounds like a tall order!!! But I'm just excited to be DOING something about it.

I'm telling myself that I have to stick with my Skinny Turtle motto. There will be weeks where I push myself and yet the scale goes up. There will be weeks when the scale stays the same. And then there will be the wonderful weeks when the scale goes down. =) But through it all I just have to keep plugging along. Because if I quit, nothing good will come of it.

I plan to weigh on Mondays. I've started a new weight tracking spot on the sidebar and erased the other months, since basically nothing has changed since January. :-P

Hope you all are well. I plan to try to blog fairly regularly now that I'm actively on the weight loss warpath.

Happy Monday!

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  1. You're going to do it RA! I believe in you!