Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Blogging Break... Perhaps?

Hi everyone. =)
How are you all? I'm good.  We had a great 4th of July.  Went to a big picnic at our church, swam, played games, the kids got their faces painted, we were gifted a cake from the cake auction, and fireworks.  Oh.  And the food. :-D  Super yummy and I am very happy to say I did NOT overeat at all.  I had one Hebrew National dog with mustard and relish, 1/2 c of homemade potato salad (my first attempt and it's delicious!) 2 different kinds of salad; one pasta and one vegetable, and then a little bit of this cherry dessert that was pretty good.

Anyway, I'm thinking about taking a blogging break because I just don't really have all that much to report and we're busy enjoying the summer. ;-)  I've been contemplating going back on the 17 Day Diet, but feel so wishy washy about it.  And since this is supposed to be a weight loss blog, I feel I just don't really have anything to talk about.  And frankly, it stresses me out.  To always have to come up with something to say, yet not be actively working on it.

Anyway, I'll blog as I have time and something to say, LOL, but it's probably going to slow down A LOT during this summer.

I'm doing well and loving life, so that is good. =)

Hope you all are doing well, and feel free to stay in touch, either via comments or my skinnyturtle email acct.  If you email me, just leave me a comment to let me know, as I rarely check that email acct.

Happy Summer!


  1. Oh no, I don't know why but I don't think of this a a diet blog just a place where you let your friends know what you have been up to or are planning. I understand wanting to take a break to spend with your family. I have you on my reader so whenever you pop back on I will be here reading. I miss you already : ( MB