Monday, October 24, 2011


Hi guys :)
How is everyone? I'm hanging in there.

I weighed myself this morning and I'm down 1.5 pounds, so that's good. I still have 1.5 more to lose before I'm back to what I was. :-P

Can I just say that I hate Halloween!?!? I hate all the gory gross decorations.  I do love the candy ;) but the hanging, bloody "bodies" and other decorations I can do without. Yuck.

It's a beautiful day here today, perfect fall weather.  I'm opening my windows and getting that fresh air circulating through my house.  It tends to get stuffy when the heat is one and the windows are closed. 

Anyway, that was a lot of nonsense about nothing. :-D Hope you're all doing well!


  1. Hey there...been a long time. Perhaps it is the cranky-old-guy in me, but I too am losing my patience with certain holidays. Perhaps it is more of the continued slide of our society towards mass consumerism and waste instead of focusing on the wholesome family time that could and should be spent.

    That being said, please have a happy and safe Halloween for the family!

  2. I have a hard enough time storing all my Christmas decorations, I would never do Halloween also. Anyway nobody trick or treats on my street. We use to get HUNDREDS of kid at my old house and then we moved here and I bought so many candy bars that first year and not one single kid. There are only about 10 houses on my street so I don't know what I was thinking. Guess who ended up having to eat them all???
    Glad about the 1.5 pounds, keep it up.