Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Still here

Hey everyone :)
How have you been?  I'm doing pretty good.  Still busy as all get-out, but hanging in there.

I am so constipated, so I've started taking my Metamucil again.  I hope it helps cuz I'm bloated and retaining water too. 

I've been doing pretty good on my eating.  Now that fall is here I've been making lots of crockpot meals, which are so easy and delicious.  I'm making chicken noodle soup for tonight and it smells sooo good already.

Not much else to report on.  I'm hanging in there, and my weight is staying steady. Not going down, but hopefully once the Metamucil kicks in that'll change. ;-)

Happy Wednesday!

1 comment:

  1. Maybe you should start posting your crockpot recipes.
    I am reading Naturally Skinny by Bethanny Frankel, and for the last 2 days have been very proud of myself. Stop and think about what I am eating before I eat it and realize if I really want it or just have nothing better to do.
    Today is my mom's 70th birthday and I only got a 1/4 sheet cake so that the left over wouldn't be sitting in my house for me to eat the rest of the week. Yah for me! Oh yeah and a girlfriend and I signed up for pilates classes, that is going to be a killer. Small steps.