Monday, December 19, 2011

The Good and The Bad

The Good: All the kids are napping.
The Bad: It took Herculean efforts to get them all in bed.

The Good: We had a fabulous church Christmas party on Saturday.
The Bad: I stayed up waaaay too late and have been sicker than sick ever since.

The Good: I've figured out what helps me feel the best.
The Bad: It requires an extra early bedtime and basically being on bedrest.

The Good: My Christmas shopping is done.
The Bad: I still have to wrap everything.  And I'm terrible at wrapping.

The Good: I have an amazing husband.
The Bad: Sometimes I take him and all his help for granted.

The Good: The kids played all morning with minimal fighting.
The Bad: The house now looks like a war zone and guess who gets to clean it up? Me. While trying to keep the contents of my stomach IN and not OUT.

The Good: The baby moves around a lot, and I love feeling those movements.
The Bad: There is absolutely nothing bad about this one. :-D Ask me again in 4 months when I'm in excruciating pain from the baby being stuck in my ribs and I may be singing a different tune. ;-)

The Good: I can lay down with all my kiddos.
The Bad: The house won't magically clean itself.

The Good: My family is healthy.
The Bad: If you don't count pregnancy sickness. :-P

The Good: Christmas is this weekend!
The Bad: Christmas is this weekend! Have I mentioned how I have to wrap everything still? And how I'm terribly bad at it?

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas!

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  1. I am on a short break from wrapping right now. I have a station in my basement so it is kind of easy but as I am wrapping it doesn't look like I have very much. It is those $50.00 ds/wii games, they are so small.
    On a good note, my puppy has not gone after the small Christmas tree...yet.
    xo, MB