Thursday, December 8, 2011

Life is Good

Hello, Hello!

How is everyone? How is your Christmas shopping coming along? I have barely started mine... SOOOO much more to do. 

Although, the good thing is, I am really starting to feel so much better.  Ever since I stopped having to take my progesterone supplement and my last IV fluids, I've been remarkably better.  I'm so thankful!!!

I still have to be in bed early. I'm talking, EARLY.  Like, 6:30 or 7:30pm.  If I'm up past 8pm I am usually sick the next day.  So that kinda sucks, cuz I've missed all 3 of my future SIL's bridal showers cuz they were all in the evening.  And I had to miss Josh's work Christmas party (although, honestly I wasn't THAT sad about it.  The only good thing about it is the free lemon drop drinks, and since I can't have alcohol I didn't even have that to look forward to.) ;-) I'm also missing my sister's work Christmas party, and I was supposed to be her date.  And I'm sad about missing it because they are having a talent contest and she and one of her co-workers are dressing up as Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton and singing Islands in the Stream. Which should be nothing short of hysterical.  If they win they get $250 each!!

But since dinner doesn't start til 7pm and the show is after that... it's just too late.  Which is totally ridiculous! But it is what it is.  If I am up too late I am sick the next day, probably for the whole next week and it usually ends in a trip to the hospital for IV fluids.  So I have to take care of myself.

The past few days I've really been second-guessing my gut feeling that this baby is a girl.  We have had a name picked out, well narrowed down to 2 names, and neither one of them are feeling "right" anymore.  However the boy name we have picked out we both LOVE, and it feels like it fits perfectly.  Guess we'll just have to wait and see! And we keep the names a secret, so you'll have to wait until June to find out what they are! ;-)

Well, I need to go pick up the house a bit. Josh has been gone for 2 days and is coming home at some point tonight.  And I've kinda let the housework slide since he's been gone. :-P

Hope you all are well!


  1. I think I am going to use your due date as my goal weight date. I can do it. And celebrate a baby when I get there. Thanks for the inspiration I needed today.

  2. I am so happy you are feeling better, if it takes going to bed that early so be it. What do you do with the kids? Do they really go to bed that early also?
    I am not even close to having my Christmas shopping done, ugh. I start in the summer every year and feel wow I am so far ahead of the game and then I drop the ball and end up over buying the last 2 weeks before Christmas.
    Loved the picture of the tree, it looked great.
    xoxo, MB