Monday, January 6, 2014

Going strong!

Hello, my friends!

I'm down a little less than 8 pounds, and I am so thankful and so excited! Although I'm tempted to be frustrated or discouraged at how far I have to go, I just keep reminding myself to take it one day at a time.  And today I was down 1.8.

It has been fairly easy so far, although I have been "cheating" and eating things that aren't strictly HCG foods.  I discovered that white cheddar rice cakes only have 45 cal and 0.5 gram of fat each, so I've been topping two of them with turkey breast and honey mustard. SO GOOD.

I've also been eating my tortilla soup with 1 tablespoon of fat free sour cream. Aaaand if I'm being perfectly honest, I've had Mike & Ikes or black licorice every single night.  I get SUCH a sweet craving! I'm really trying to watch it though, because it can spiral out of control so quickly.

I still need to work on drinking more water.  Although I'm drinking less coffee, and my tea is really good, I haven't been drinking near enough water.

I'm in desperate need of a shopping trip, so that's on the agenda today.  The holidays were crazy and I couldn't figure out what day it was for the life of me, ha ha! But now school is back in session and things are more normal around here, so that should help.

Hope you had a good weekend! I still need to do my Resolutions post, but haven't managed to get that far.  Soon, I hope. :)

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  1. Amazing 8 pounds! You go girl. I really believe you have to have the little cheats otherwise you will eat too much of the "so called" good stuff just to try to satisfy the craving.