Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday, ahhhhhhhhhh

Good Morning, my dear bloggy friends!

I weighed in at 166 today. I'm good with that cuz last night I went WAY overboard with pizza and breadsticks and garlic sauce. It was a really rainy, wet day and we spent a lot of time in Costco and by the time we were done the kids and I were ready for a quick warm dinner. So pizza it was. =)

I did end up getting sick; not sure if it was from the wheat or the copious amounts of coffee I drank.

We're going to my mom's for lunch today, and we're having cheesecake afterward to celebrate my stepdad's straight A's. He is a surveyor but has been unemployed for basically ever. So now he's going to school to be some sort of engineer and he got straight A's, which is super great. I told her we needed to celebrate with cake, so we are. ;-)

I did stock up on some major goodness at Costco. TONS of meat (holy moly, expensive much!?) including chicken, hamburger, turkey and pastrami. I also got stuff to make protein shakes consisting of: chocolate protein powder, flax seed, walnuts, rice milk and bananas. I made one this morning and it's really, really good. But very rich (from the flax seed, I think). So I have to sip it slowly.

I got 3 big bunches of bananas, apples, mozzarella cheese that can be sliced (which I plan to eat with my lunch meat wrapped in romaine lettuce), eggs... basically I'm good to go for a while.

Obviously I'm eating wheat today, with the cheesecake. But starting tomorrow I plan to see if I can cut it all out. But I want to make this doable, so it may take some slow weaning, and I'm okay with that.

I've also started taking more supplements. You should see my vitamin cupboard! I'm taking fish oil and Icelandic kelp. The kelp helps with my thyroid and also has iodine which is something I'm lacking in, and the fish oil is supposed to help my brain. I sure hope it does!

Anyway, I feel pretty good and prepared for the busyness that is coming my way. I have a friend delivering 40 boxes today so we can start packing tomorrow. Josh comes home tonight, WOO HOO! I do so love that man.

I was looking at pictures from our honeymoon today, and remembering how much fun we had (we went to Hawaii) and longing for another warm vacation with him. But I sort of want to lose these extra 40 pounds before we go, so it's easy to be patient. ;-) Look, here we are on our honeymoon, 6 years and 30 pounds ago:

Our computer is seriously breathing it's last breaths. I thought for sure it was a gonner yesterday, but this morning it was miraculously still functioning. If I go missing for days on end, you can safely assume the computer is kaput. But never fear, I'll be back as soon as I can. =)

I hope everyone has a really great weekend!!


  1. 6 years ago, 30 pounds ago, but also how many kids ago? Be kind to yourself RA! You are gorgeous and so is husband.

    I'm going to try your protein shake.

  2. Oh my GOSH Josh looks so much like Christian! He looks so young!! You ALWAYS look great, and I mean that - I honestly think the WE are our own worst critics, you know? We look in the mirror and think OMG I look so so so awful, I HATE the way I look! If only xxx or xxx or xx.....!

    But we forget the the ones who see us, the ones who care about us, they see us in a different light. They love us so much that actually the way we LOOK is not even all that significant. It only is for us, you know?

    You've always had this glow about you though, like light beaming through your eyes or something, no matter what weight you're at. I'm so glad we're friends, and we're going to miss having you around! Ah, but thank goodness for blogger world!! =)

  3. Cheesecake... wheat? Just don't eat the crust! There shouldn't be any wheat in the rest of it... otherwise it ain't cheesecake. ;)

    I hope you have a fabulous lunch out!

    And, I think you are doing AWESOME! 6 years and only 30 lbs? Honey, oh, honey. I agree... don't be so hard on yourself! :)