Monday, March 29, 2010

A Wheat Free Week

So that's my plan for this week. To be 100% wheat free. I think I can do it as I'm pretty well stocked on the stuff I can eat. I'm still loving my shakes and my meat-in-romaine-wraps. I could (and sometimes do!) eat them for breakfast and lunch. I usually prepare a meal for dinner and have the meat and a vegetable.

The problem with this plan is this: I'm having MAJOR PMS and craving all things salty and sweet. Right now, I've been wanting honey roasted peanuts, but I'm not supposed to have peanuts. I want salty french fries, and chocolate, and chips and toast and all manner of things not healthy for me.

I think I'm going to go to the health food store later and check out Essence bread and Manna bread. Along with Ezekial bread, those are the breads that I can eat. I know they are dry; I've had Ezekial bread before. But here's the thing-- I LOVE TOAST! And I can have butter for my blood type. So toasted bread with butter would help get me through some of those cravings.

My kids have been totally out of sorts this entire past week (maybe longer? I'm sort of entering into zombie blur stage) so it depends on whether or not they will act like human beings whether I get out to the store. Plus, it's raining really hard and it takes a lot of work to get them all buckled into the car and then keep them all lassoed in the (cramped, expensive) store. I'm getting weak knees just thinking about it. :-P

Anyway, if I don't make it out today I'll go Wed cuz I have a babysitter that day. I have enough other stuff (hello Rice Works Sweet Chili chips!) to keep me happy until then. ;-)

Other than that I'm mostly just packing (the garage is completely sorted, organized and packed, YAY!!) and trying to figure my kids out. The boys in particular haven't slept much since they got their bunkbed. The novelty hasn't worn off yet, and they are staying up late and getting up early. Oh, and not napping. :-D But I'm glad they have a few weeks to adjust to the bed before they have to adjust to an entirely new house, too.

That's about it for today. Exciting, huh? ;-)

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  1. Ruth Anne, I am joining you in this - I am going to be wheat free this week too.