Saturday, March 6, 2010

Yippee ky-aye, Mr. Falcon!

Ha ha, we were watching Die Hard on tv once, and it was dubbed to be "family friendly". Well, instead of saying the curse words, they dubbed-- Yippee ky-aye, Mr. Falcon! HA HA HA! ;-)

We had a great trip this weekend. We were able to spend some super nice quality time with friends there AND we found a house! It's huge. Old, but huge and it will fit our needs perfectly. There is a huge finished basement with a wet bar, so when people come to visit they will have their own private area, with bathroom, sink, mini fridge and microwave. =)

I am so excited, and it's such a HUGE relief to have that done. Josh is signing all the paperwork this week. We turned in our application then headed back home, and on the way the owner called us to say that the system was down so he couldn't do our credit check until sometime next week. A little later he called back and said that he really like us, to the point that he wanted to rent the house to us without even bothering to check our credit!!! So crazy, but we really "clicked" with the owners. They are young like us, and the house is just so perfect for what we need. Not flashy, not showy, but perfect for us.

It's in a great school district. It's on a quiet road. It has a large backyard with a nice deck. It's over 1800 sq feet, so plenty of space to play inside on those rainy days. And it's within 15 minutes of pretty much all of our friends up there. Oh, AND close to shopping!

So needless to say, we are very thankful. We looked at 8 houses, and this one was our favorite by far.

My eating was pretty good too. We went to Applebee's on Friday night and split the nachos and chicken wanton tacos. Super yummy. Then once we got to our friend's house, I did snack too much. She had malted milk eggs (Holla, Matt!) and sour cream and cheddar chips. We sat and talked for FOUR HOURS. Until 1:00 in the morning. And nibbled here and there. This morning I had eggs, 2 sausages and 1 cinnamon roll with a cup of coffee. Lunch was a 6" sweet onion chicken teriyaki sub (no chips!!! even though we got Cheetoh's, which I love) and dinner was one chicken enchilada. Oh, and we stopped and bought a box of Thin Mints from this adorable little girl selling Girl Scout cookies at a roadside stand by one of the houses we looked at. I had 4, which is 160 calories. Totally worth it. ;-)

We are pretty beat so I'm headed to bed. I'm excited for a successful week. Eating wise and exercise wise and being a good wife, mom and homekeeper wise.

Happy Saturday!!


  1. Congrats on the rental. As a landlord, the credit check isn't really all that good of an indicator of tenant validity. I much prefer a background check with a full review of court actions both civil and criminal. Much more useful.

    I'm glad that you not only got the house you wanted, but that is a stressor that'll be behind you.

  2. So glad you found a place and so close to everyone too! Like the guy above you said it's good that this stressor is now behind you!!
    Congrats on the good eating.

  3. Good deal on the house and thanks for the malted milk shout out, LOL!

  4. Wow, that house sounds amazing!!! We'll just have to come check it out and visit you! =) Who are you guys going to be living by? It's going to be an adventure of a lifetime, Ruth Anne! =)

  5. Finding the house is a huge stress relief and now you have some fun stuff to look forward to because it's the house you really wanted. I'm very happy for you.