Sunday, April 21, 2013

I'm gonna rock this.

Hey guys!
Today is my last binge day.  I've kind of failed miserably at binging this time, though through no fault of my own.  I've had doughnuts, danishes, burgers and fries and zucchini bread. Oh! And a Reese's PB Cup blizzard. With extra PB Cup.  But I just haven't felt really hungry or motivated to make/buy really fattening stuff.

Nora is officially weaned. Insert sad, crying face.  Today she refused me for the first time ever.  I had a brief moment of hysteria, of absolute despair and sadness.  And then I got a grip and realized I would way rather HER end it, than me force her to stop so I can lose weight.  Ten and a half months.  That's no small thing.  I will be thankful for every single second of it, and I will still cuddle the heck out of her while I give her a bottle. ;-)

So.  Now it's business time.  HCG, here I come.  I've been taking my drops and I'll weigh in tomorrow.  I am so desperately ready to lose weight.  I don't think I am going to weigh every day.  I think just twice a week.  That way, if there's a day where I'm only down 0.2 or whatever, it won't kill my resolve.

I do think I will have to do a modified version, in order to be able to last as long as I'm going to need.  If you only take the drops 6 days a week, you can go continuously without having to stop after 21 days.  For me, it's better to just "get 'er done".  BUT in order to stay on the diet that long, I'm going to have to make some concessions, which I understand may slow things down a bit.  I will most likely be using rotisserie chicken, as I can't even handle the thought of cooked chicken.  I will be using ground turkey and extra lean ground beef.  And I will be allowing myself one cup of coffee a day, with creamer. 

I am really super excited to see the scale start going down.  I need to focus on my mantra: Slow and Steady Wins the Race.  Just keep at it, even when it feels impossible.  Keep going, even if it comes off slower than I'd like.  Take one day at a time and make it count.

I've read several places about this concoction that supposedly helps you burn fat.  You drink it twice a day, once in the morning and once at night.  I may try it.  It's just a cup of water, 2t honey and 2t cinnamon mixed together.  We shall see.

I also am going to go through my Fitness board on Pinterest and find some exercises that I can start doing now, particularly ones to tone my arms.  As the weather gets nicer, I also aim to take more walks.

I can do this.  I have to keep visualizing myself in a slim, healthy body.  No more rolls of backfat.  No more (or at least considerably shrunken) muffin top.  No more fiddling with my clothes ALL DAY LONG because they are getting stuck on my rolls, caught between my rolls, or accentuating my rolls. 

We are hoping to go to Cancun next year for our 10 year anniversary and dang it, I WILL LOOK GOOD.  I will enjoy myself on that trip to the full extent, and not be fat.  So shall it be written, so shall it be done. ;-)

Thanks for all your encouragement so far, and along the way.  I need your help to stay motivated! If I start whining about how slow it's going, or whatever, give me a swift kick in the rear and remind me that it's better to be losing than staying fat!

Tomorrow it starts.  Bring.  It.  On. 

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  1. It sounds like you have a plan. You must do it in a reasonable way that you know you can manage. I am glad you realize what you are capable of and that it will take you longer but that way you won't disappoint yourself when the scale doesn't drop super fast. Slow and steady. A little will soon be alot. Don't watch the scale so closely, watch your clothes, they tell the real story. Sometimes weight shifts, you might not lose a pound but you will get small and the pants will get looser.
    Big fingers crossed for you, I know how much you want this, MB