Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Dont. Give. Up.

Today I was soooooo frustrated.  I gained weight.  I was so faithful yesterday, didn't cheat, drank my water, and I was thisclose to the next decade.  And then I was up .4!?!?!? How does that happen?? Why???????

I wanted to cry.  I wanted to scream.  I wanted to stamp my feet.  I wanted to eat everything in sight, throw in the towel, give up.

But, I can't.  Because I am unhappy with the way I feel and look.  There is a slight pall over my life, a smidgeon of not-quite-right-ness.  And so, I continue on.

I like this.  Because my fat doesn't define who *I* am.  It's merely a state of my physical body.  One that I can change.  My body held on to this fat in order to give my baby girl rich milk.  My body is holding on to this fat just in case there is a famine.  If there ever is a famine, I WILL SURVIVE! :-P

So, on I go.  Eating my approved food.  Not eating the chocolate orange scones that I made this morning (for someone else).  Not burying my woes in a bag of spicy almonds or bbq chips.  Or margaritas.   So, there's that.

Hee hee :-D

I just have to look to my goal.  Think about finally being thin and fitting in my clothes and not feeling uncomfortable all the time.  It's not happening as fast as I thought or as I'd like it to.  But then again, I'm not being as strict as I should be.  The point is that if I keep at it, I WILL MAKE IT.  I will lose the weight.  I can do this.  It seems like a huge mountain, but I just need to take it one day at a time.  One pound at a time.

This is so true.  I have love, and I have laughter.  And my life, it is beautiful.  I am richly blessed!

MB-I'm going to email you; I want to know if your mom got the lung transplant!?!?!

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  1. RA Just catching up on your post before heading back to hospital. She was doing okay yesterday hope today is better.
    I love the somecard saying according to my bmi I am too short. Everytime I read it I laugh out loud because darn it is so true, if I was just a little taller. You have to know by now slower is better you will keep it off if you take it off slow. But I totally get how frustrating it must be to diet like you are and not have it fall off.
    Hey and you never know there might be a famine and then you and I are ahead of the game!
    Also the number on the scale doesn't matter it really is how you feel. Just comfortable without that bloated belly was great for me. My thighs not rubbing together was great, clothes fitting, all this made me feel better which in turns makes it so easy to keep on the diet.
    I know you will get there in the meantime enjoy your day.