Friday, May 24, 2013

Ten Pounds Gone!

Morning, Friends!
I am happy to report I've hit my first goal; ten pounds lost. Go Me!

10 pounds doesn't seem like all that much, but look at these pictures.

Is that crazy!?!?  But what's even crazier is what ten pounds of fat looks like:
Say WHAAAA????!!!

And I have FIVE of those to lose?? :-O Yikes.  Not very pretty, but I'll be so glad when that junk is GONE.

And now the fun part; buying a new watch! I love watches, so it's a fun little treat for me.  

Yesterday I made a batch of Weight Watchers friendly oatmeal cookies in anticipation of a moms and tots group coming over.  But then Christian got sick so I had to cancel, and I was left with the whole batch.  Just sitting there, staring at me.  All. Day. Long.  

But I stuck it out and didn't cheat, not even a crumb.  Until bedtime.  And then I ate one. But only one.  Still... I need to focus on drinking water and NOT CHEATING.

We don't have any big plans for the long weekend; I'm hoping it involves sleep.  Lots of sleep.  :)

Hope you all are doing well!


  1. It really is gross to think that is what we are carrying around in our bodies all day long. So happy you made the 10, enjoy the watch not the cookies.
    xo, MB

  2. That picture of 10 pounds of fat actually inspires me to get off my butt and so do something positive!