Wednesday, May 15, 2013


It helps to have little rewards along the way, to keep motivated and what not.

So, here's my list:

10 pounds lost = Watch (not this exact one... Just a white watch with some bling)

20 pounds lost =Pedicure

30 pounds lost = Toms
40 pounds lost = New Swimsuit

50 pounds lost = New Wardrobe ;-)
I have tons of inspiration pics pinned to my fashion board on Pinterest

I can't wait to try out new styles!

Happy Hump Day! 4 more pounds til I get my watch.


  1. Oh I like your reward system! Good job for almost reaching your first reward!

  2. I think the reward system is a great idea. I always say if I could get to 100 pounds I would but myself something great but you know what I am sure I would then want to be 95. Because I am never satisfied and I would never get to 100! But going to Capri, skinny so I wouldn't mind being in pictures would be a great present for weigh loss.