Wednesday, December 8, 2010

3 days

Good Morning, Folks!

So yesterday... yeah I got nothing done. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Nil. Oops. I was just plumb drained of energy, I sat down and decided that felt pretty nice and just didn't really get up the rest of the day. Oh well, today will be more productive. It has to. We only have 3 days left!

I packed the scale up earlier in the week and this morning it occurred to me that my next weigh-in will be at home. In my lovely home. So weird! Everything happened so incredibly quickly that I don't think it really had time to sink in. As I say good-bye to my friends here it feels like a little piece of my heart is being ripped out. I hadn't realized how close I had become to them. I thought it would be a breeze to move home to my beloved house, my beloved family and my beloved friends. But I didn't count on the friends up here becoming just as beloved.

I am really, really going to miss them. It's not like I'll never see them; I will. But it isn't the same as being able to sit in their homes and drink coffee and chat with them.

Anyway, it's been hard, but it's something I will work through. Without leaning on food for support. Eating has been going okay. I've had a few sugar cookies and some cream cheese danish over the last 2 days. I need to just say no to it, because they are worthless, empty calories and they don't even taste that good.

I did get in 3 liters of water yesterday, so that was good. My tacos were super delicious!

Amy, I just get pinto beans, soak them overnight, rinse and drain them, then fill the pan with clean water 3/4 full. Boil over medium heat for 1-2 hours (or longer, if you want). Once they are tender and soft, I drain and rinse them again, then add a bit of water and salt to taste. That's it! I serve them in a corn tortilla that I've lightly fried in oil, with sour cream and cheese. Simple, but oh, so good. Lucky me there are leftover beans, so I'll be eating it for lunch again today.

My boys are on the rampage so I must go. Sleep deprivation on a 3 and 4 year old is not pretty. Especially when they're already a little off because their house is being packed up and put away around their very ears. Much patience to be gained today!

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  1. I am loving the frequency of the posts! I don't know how you do it. Feeling much better today now that I got a full night's sleep. Hope the packing is going well. 2 more days:)