Thursday, December 9, 2010

This Is It!!

Well, folks, this is my last blog post from up yonder. The next time I post I'll be amidst the chaos of unpacked boxes, but I'll be in my cheery, warm, cozy living room!

So crazy. I can't even really comprehend it. It still feels surreal. Like I'm dreaming. Weird that I can feel that way, despite the barren wilderness of the house we're in right now. Almost everything is packed, besides the fridge, our toiletries and clothes. And the big furniture like beds, couches and the kitchen table that I couldn't get downstairs by myself.

Hopefully everything goes without a hitch tomorrow. I'm not holding my breath, but it'd be nice. ;-)

We have 3 strapping young lads coming to help load the truck. Josh will drive the moving van and I'll drive the mini van and my bro will follow behind in his car. Funny thing... one of the boys coming to help is currently on the HCG diet. He was so relived when he found out I'd done it, so I could make the right food for him. :-D

I feel bad that all my spices and everything are packed away, so I'm just getting him a rotisserie chicken and a bag of peas. His request. ;-)

The kids are sort of falling apart due to lack of sleep and living in the barren wilderness that this house has become. Plus they are just having bad attitudes in general. It's not so fun, but we're dealing.

This weekend is insanely busy. We get home sometime tomorrow afternoon/evening after traveling +/-4 hours and unpack what we can. Saturday morning we unpack more then at 3pm go to our church Christmas celebration. Sunday at 9:45a.m. Kate has a field trip with the kiddos from church. At 1:00 there is a birthday party for my niece, and I'm supposed to go over at noon to help decorate. Then Monday morning Josh heads back up here for work.


Good thing I'm still feeling so good after seeing Dr. Ray. Praying it continues.

Eating has been pretty good, quantity wise. QUALITY is a whole 'nother beast, but I'm going easy on myself seeing as everything is packed up. I had an orange for breakfast, 2 taquitos and a big salad for lunch, and a handful of chips and one slice of pizza for dinner. Oh, and half a Twix.

I need to get off here. Josh is working til who knows when and I've got kiddos to bathe and a dog to wash and the last few items to pack up. Oh, and hardcore cleaning. Bleh. :-P

I'll check in on Monday, hopefully, and fill you all in on how it went!


  1. I wish I could come and help you clean. Way to stop at half a Twix! That's success in my books. Thinking of you and the family as you face change once again. xxxx

  2. Hi! You totally don't have to come over to help decorate. If it works that's fine, but if not Vanessa will be here helping me. So no biggy. Plus I don't even really have anything to decorate with yet. Probably not getting the mom of the year award on this one.

  3. Sorry Josh leaves again Monday morning. Really, I am. But, fear not. You will NOT be lonely. I am really counting on seeing VERY much of you. You will most likely get tired of us showing up at your place or begging you to visit or meet us at kids club. You probably will be too busy to even miss Josh! :) I promise to let you hold baby Macy whenever you want in exchange for your company. Can you tell I am excited to see you? Happy travels

  4. Best of luck, I hope everything goes smoothly. When you get a chance I would love to hear what Dr. Ray told you. If you don't want to do it on the blog I know you have my email.