Friday, December 17, 2010

Heavy Burdens

Hi All,
Sorry it took me so long to write a post. I didn't have internet when I expected to, and then once I got it set up, I didn't have time/energy to blog.

Josh works out of town 4 days a week for now, so I'm a single mom during that time. It's actually gone amazingly well. All I can say is thank the good Lord above for Dr. Ray and his treatments!!

Also, in the last 3 months I personally know 3 people who have either died or been diagnosed with some form of cancer. What is up with that? Seriously, it freaks me out, sets me on edge and is totally unsettling. The latest little girl is only 6 and has a very aggressive form and her dad is good friends with Josh. When her mom was telling me the diagnosis/prognosis my heart just sunk and ever since I've had a vague sense of dread.

Cancer sucks. It can go away, now. What on earth is going on??? It is crazy how many people I know have been affected with it in such a short amount of time. It makes me extremely thankful for my healthy husband and children. I have always taken it for granted before now. Never again. I will consciously thank God that He has kept my children and husband whole and healthy.

Weight wise I'm doing okay. Holding steady at 145, which is 4 pounds up from my "normal" weight. I'm a little worried about it, but just glad it's not creeping higher. I really thought when I stepped on the scale on Monday that I'd be in the 150's. I feel huge and bloated. My pants are tight and I have 4 pounds of muffin top. Seriously, it all went straight to my waist.

I plan to do a round of HCG in January. I'm excited to see how I do now that I am on new drops from Dr. Ray. And I'm ready to be at a healthy weight where I can feel good about myself. For a long time, this weight has been good and fine for me. But I just feel like if I can get these last pounds off then I could get dressed in the morning and not worry about it for the rest of the day. That's what I would like. To not think about my clothes and what I look like. Just be healthy.

I do plan to start attempting to jog/run, but probably not til after my round of HCG,

Mary Beth- I don't really know how to describe Dr. Ray's treatments. On his business card he calls it "bio-nutritional health". I can only describe it as science fictionish. He has this mouse pad type thing that reads the electrical energies of your body and with that he can tell what hormones and chemicals are off. He also does live blood viewing and can tell how your cells are doing. The treatment is "beamed" into you. I don't know how else to describe it. But I do know I have seen tangible results, as have my friends and family.

Hopefully you guys have stuck with me during my long absence. :-D I'm off to try to catch up on you guys now.

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