Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Day

I am feeling much better. Life doesn't seem as dismal. I think it's because I have a plan. :-D

My "Plan" is simply to Just Do It. Dan Widen, who coined that phrase, was a smart, smart man. There are SO many excuses, reasons, complaints why I can't/won't/don't want to do something. I could sit around the rest of my life reasoning out all the "why's". But I won't. Because I'd just end up a fat, disappointed, dejected old lady. And that, my friend, is NOT my plan.

The path to health is very simple. Eat Less, Move More (hi, Dawnie!). Exercise and Eat Right. It's not rocket science. I don't have to pay oodles and oodles of money for a private chef and trainer in order to be successful. I just have to set my mind to it and then follow through.

So, my current plan is this:

*Do a round of HCG in January, hopefully losing 10-12 pounds.
*No more HCG until after March, but begin exercising regularly and counting calories.
*After March, see where I'm at and how I'm feeling, and perhaps do another round of HCG.

The reason HCG is included in my current plan is because it works. It's fast. It's the way I've lost the majority of the weight, and I know I can do it. So I'm choosing for HCG to be part of my journey. I know it's not for everyone; I can understand if it seems like the easy way out. But for me, it works.

I do know that I need to learn healthy habits. I need to learn to discipline myself to exercise. I need to learn portion control/watching my calories. I don't intend to count calories the rest of my life, but I would like to get a basic understanding of how many calories are in foods.

Otherwise, the weight will pile back on. I don't want to be a yoyo dieter. I want to just be HEALTHY. That is my goal. Get off this excess flab and be a trim person; a healthy person.

I'm happy to have a plan. I'm excited to see the scale start moving again, in the downward direction. ;-) I'm looking forward to my rolls disappearing, to fitting in my clothes, to getting dressed in the morning and not having a feeling of dread regarding what I look like hang over my head all day. I'm looking forward to being more active, to playing with my kids and riding bikes and jumping on trampolines without feeling like I'll die of a heart attack. I look forward to living to my full potential, living with a strong, fit body.

I know I won't have the most amazing body out there, and that is just fine with me. That's not my goal. I don't need to be ripped or have a swimsuit model's physique. That's not even realistic. But to be the appropriate weight/fat percentage for my body... THAT is my goal.

So look forward to seeing me do my Leslie Sansone Walking video, and working my way back up to Jillian's Shred. I'll see how much exercise I can do while on HCG, but I'm not going to push myself over the edge with it. Exercise will be included in the second phase, for sure.

I'll keep you posted on how this all goes down! Happy 2011 To Me!!!!


  1. Good post Ruth Anne. And looking at your sidebar, you're doing just fine. Yeah, 147 lb is more than you've been in a while, but you clealry are going to get the weight back off with the plan you've got. No worries!

  2. Welcome back! I've missed you. I've put some weight on too, over the holidays, but we're going to do this together RA!!!! I've missed you.