Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year, New Me

Howdy Folks.

So sorry for my long absences. I had my husband home for a whole 10 days!! He had to do work a few times, and go in twice, but for the most part we got to enjoy him the whole time. It was so incredibly nice, especially since he's gone so much for work on a regular basis now.

I plan to be more on top of my blog and blog more frequently because a) I like it when you guys update/blog regularly and b) I need it for accountability and c) it's actually fun to blog when the scale is going down. =)

I binged the last two days. Nothing hard core, but I did eat yummy, salty McDonald's fries last night. The only other thing I had that was really out of the ordinary was a full fat/sugar latte with white chocolate and caramel flavoring. I only drank 1/4 of it before I got sick (from the milk) but it was super yummy.

This morning I weighed in at 146.8; I was sooooooo scared I'd see 150+ on that scale! I haven't stepped on it since the last time I weighed in and I have NOT been restricting myself when it comes to food. So, yeah, 146.8 is definitely higher than I'd like because basically I'm having to re-lose 5.5 pounds, but I'm very, very thankful it's not more.

I'm excited and feel ready for this round of HCG. Right now I'm sipping some chai tea, and it's actually really good. Usually I have a hard time with straight tea because it just tastes like flavored water. Because, it is just flavored water. :-P But this is actually good and I didn't even add Truvia or milk to it.

My plan is to eat fat free cottage cheese and a vegetable for one meal, and chicken and a vegetable for the other meal. If I have time to go get some extra lean hamburger, I'll throw that in the mix too. I also stocked up on apples and oranges. And I am really working on drinking more water. It's a work in progress, but I'm getting there.

I also plan to do my Leslie Sansone walking video. I think I can manage it even while on the 500 calorie part of the diet. If not, then I'll do some push ups and sit ups every day. I may add that in as well as doing the video. Nothing huge or amazing; probably just 20 push ups (not all at once) and 50 crunches. Or something like that.

In other news, I saw an optometrist for my eyes. I'm still having headaches that blur my vision, and over the holidays it was really bad. Basically, this is what I see:

I get really motion sick, actually, because everything is so off. So I went and paid extra for an in-depth eye exam. I had my eyes dilated and after the exam she said everything looks perfectly fine and healthy. My eyes and all the surrounding tissues/ligaments are the shape, color and size they are supposed to be. There's no extra pressure anywhere.

So, the good news is, there isn't anything wrong with my eyes. The bad news is... there isn't anything wrong with my eyes so the problem is coming from somewhere else. This scares me super bad, and has Josh worried as well.

So my next step is to find a provider and go see a (competent!!) doctor. I'll be setting that up here in the next few weeks. It's a bit of a challenge because I don't have a babysitter and Josh isn't available either, so I have to try to do some creative scheduling. But I'm going to make it happen, because I need an answer.j

That about sums it up for me! I'm off to grab another mug of chai, an apple and my cottage cheese and I'm headed over to Jen's house for an over-due visit. =) Our kiddos have been sick so we haven't seen each other in way too long.

Hope you're all well!!


  1. Ruth, so sorry I've been absent for so long. I'm hoping to pick my blogging back up again too. I'm doing another round of HCG as well. I had gotten down to 139, but I've gained back up to 147 during the holidays. Just thought is stop in and say hello.

  2. I just read someone's post on another blog where they talked about it being a bad idea to compare yourself to other bloggers, your journey is you own, and etc. But I couldn't help comparing the bottom drawers of your fridge (full of fruit) to mine (full of beer bottles). At least their Michelob Ultra Light...

  3. So glad you're back to regular posting!!! I love reading your progress.