Thursday, January 20, 2011

Well, I'm done.

Contrary to this morning's post, I'm calling it quits. Why the sudden change of heart? Well, my wonderful husband surprised me by scheduling a date night for us tomorrow!! And he remembered that earlier in the diet I said I wanted a burger from Red Robin when I was done, so that's where we're going. Which means, I need to quit my drops today so that they'll be out of my system by tomorrow when I indulge in this:

Have you seen anything more beautiful!? :-D It's the Whisky River BBQ Burger. And I can't wait to eat it. Although, I'll probably only be able to finish 1/4 of it. Maybe 1/2. It's a HUGE burger. Even thought I order it without mayo, this thing weighs in at 894 calories!!!! Insane. But so so so good. I just discovered that if you order it with no bun in knocks the calories down to 644, so that's probably what I'll do. No bun, no mayo, eating half would be 322 calories which isn't as horrible as 1, 114 that are in the original, unaltered burger. :-O

I don't plan to indulge in such fattening food on a regular basis, but for this one night I'll enjoy every single bite.

We're also going to see a movie afterward; I'm not sure what yet.

Anyway, just wanted to let you all in on the fact that this girl is done for this round. I expect to gain between 1-2 pounds, as is normal and usual once I start eating regular food. That'll still keep me in the 130's (albeit the high 130's) and I will take measures to keep as close to 10-12 pounds left to lose as possible.

That way, I can officially be FINISHED forever with HCG and be at my goal weight. I don't intend to ever let my weight creep up to the 170's again. EVER.

So that's all. Tomorrow think of me as I am blessed with a date night, a delicious burger and a movie with the love of my life. =)

Thanks for all your support and prayers! I will definitely keep the blog going, as I want to keep track of my weight and be accountable. If my weight goes up, my ticker will too. I do have a plan of attack, however, which I'll share tomorrow. =)

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