Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Fasted all day, then ate steak and an apple for dinner? Check.

Drank 100+oz of water and coffee? Check.

Started period? Check.

Bowels emptied? Check.

Down 2 pounds? Check.

I'm glad the fasting day worked. And all my other "ailments" have been resolved.

Dawne, I have to weigh every day and keep a close eye on my weight for 21 days. It's part of the HCG protocol once you're done with the low calorie part. It takes 21 days for your hypothalamus to be reset. Thus, it's super important to weigh every day. If you gain more than 2 pounds, you have to fast to lose that weight within a day to stay as close to possible as your lowest weight at the end of the low calorie part. That way, your body resets at the lowest weight. Does that even make sense? :-P

I don't have much time, busy day with super grumpy kids. I will not bake and eat to relieve my stress, though!!!


  1. That does make sense. I wasn't thinking about the specific program you were on. Glad you were two pounds full of sh*t!!! I wish I was 10 pounds full of it!!!! LOL

  2. Hey RA, thanks for letting me know you're not going to sister's conference. Except that I wish you were!! I don't want to go by myself. =( I'm just praying about it and know that if everything comes together, it will happen.
    Can you share or send me your recipe for granola bars? I've been making more snacks for my kiddos lately who seem to be able to eat my entire stash of snacks from the store in like 2 days, lol. I found a good one on but was wondering if you could share yours since it seems like you make it often and love it. =)