Friday, January 21, 2011

Soooooooo Close!


That's what I was at this morning. I am tempted to keep going, but I know that it's time to stop. For this round. Then in April I'll do my last round and hopefully get down to 125. That's my hope, anyway.

Yesterday I sort of freaked out. As soon as I knew I was done, I wanted to celebrate. With food. ;-) I ate 1 granola bar, 3 Ritz crackers and 2.5 pieces of (homemade, DELICIOUS) pizza. But then, yeah. I got majorly ill and threw up. THAT was emotional, thoughtless eating/bingeing and I can clearly see it. I was hungry. I was missing my husband super bad. I was dead tired from the week with my kids. I was drained from resisting food for the last 3 weeks. And I went overboard.

I'm glad I can see it. I feel much more even-keeled and balanced this morning. I feel like the crazy, pyscho, MUST EAT ALL FOOD IN SIGHT NOW bubble has burst and food isn't the most important thing anymore.

In fact, I don't even really care about my beloved Whiskey River BBQ hamburger. I could never eat one again and would be just fine. Yeah, EMOTIONAL CRAVINGS. That's what I was having yesterday, and in fact, for the last part of this round. I was projecting my exhaustion, my stress, my PMS onto food.

I'm so thankful to be aware of these emotions and tendencies. I am so glad to be able to work through them, so that I never balloon up again.

I know I'll gain between 1-2 pounds once I start eating, and that's totally normal. But I'm not going to throw caution to the wind and just begin mindlessly eating. And although I *LOVE* to bake, and we're talking really, really, really love... I'm going to have to be careful. Really watch portion control. Cuz those orange and dark chocolate scones are still calling my name. Along with a lot of other things. ;-)

I'm off for the day. Have much to do and look forward to; a date with my hubby!!! I think we're going to see The Green Hornet.

Hope you all have lovely Fridays and delightful weekends, full of success and moderation!

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