Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Keeping it clear and.... I cheated

Good Morning, folks!

I lost 0.8 this morning, which I'm quite happy about. Especially cuz I cheated yesterday. It wasn't even a huge cheat. It was a nibble. A tiny nibble, even. But still, a cheat. I tried to make the kids homemade granola bars, but several factors were working against me. For one, I tried to double the recipe and that does NOT work with this recipe. For two, I ran out of oatmeal and subbed cheerios, which again, does NOT work. So I ended up with a 9x13 pan of delicious smelling peanut butter granola crumbles. And I nibbled a piece. Basically it was a cheerio and rice krispy with some peanut butter on it. And it was good. ;-)

I had to battle the rest of the day not to go shove my face in the pan and finish it off. It would even be delicious on top of ice cream or mixed in with vanilla yogurt. I came up with all kinds of delicious ways to enjoy it. ;-) But I did not eat another smidgen. Go me!

I have 4 days left, including today, and I'd really love to be down to 135 by Friday. I'm at 137.6 today so it's a stretch. But I don't want to compromise my chances by doing something dumb. Like cheating.

Also, in relation to my water intake: instead of measuring the number of ounces I've been drinking, I've just been striving to keep my pee clear. I've started drinking a glass of water every time I go to the bathroom, and every time I get thirsty in between. So far, so good. I also drink an extra glass if I go pee and it's not clear.

That's about it for today; I have a busy day and 4 rambunctious kiddos to tend to. My niece Savannah is here and she is letting me know she is done with breakfast and would like out of the highchair now, thankyouverymuch! :-D

Have a great day!

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