Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My 333rd post on 1/11/11

Hi Guys!
Sorry for the late post; I had a busy day.

So, guess what? The bottle of drops I've been using is a dud. At least, that is the conclusion my mom and I came to. Here's the story:

I began the diet on the 1st using a bottle of drops I had leftover from my last round; which I had to end early because I was turning into Miss Psycho. I knew I didn't have enough for the whole round, so I ordered more. Except, they sent me the wrong thing. They sent me the detox drops instead of the HCG drops. So my mom gave me her (open) bottle to use until I could exchange the detox drops. She had used this bottle back in November for 5 days but never got over the intense feeling of hunger, so she quit.

Now I've had the same experience. Plus, my weight loss has screeched to a halt (basically) since I started using them. This leads us to believe the bottle is defunct. I have a new bottle that I'll be starting tonight and Lord help me, I hope it works!!!

Today I lost a measly 0.2 pounds. That's roughly 3.5 ounces. And I haven't been cheating, so the weight should be coming off much more quickly, as I've only lost 0.6 in the last 3 days. Not cool when I'm only eating 500 calories a day. I also upped my water intake today, so I sure hope to see a more significant drop on the scale tomorrow. Or the next day.

Today was excruciating. I was busy all day; took the boys and Savannah to the library in the morning, then picked Kate up from school, then headed to my mom's house. We ended up staying there all afternoon (thanks, Mom!) and the whole time I was starving. My stomach was growling and actually hurt. I had eaten an apple and my chicken+salad and was drinking water, but it wasn't helping.

It didn't help that my sister and brother were making hamburgers and seasoned fries, burritos, and all other manner of delicious food!!! Sheer torture, I tell ya. But I stood strong. Not even a nibble of anything.

I came home and made chicken soup with chicken broth, chicken, broccoli and 1/2 a teaspoon of some organic, sodium free chicken bouillon I had. It was really good, so I'll definitely be making it again. Then I baked an apple with lemon juice, Truvia and cinnamon; it too was super good. But now I am left with nothing else available to eat for the night. I'm thinking I'll turn in early with the kids because A) I'm tired and B) if I'm sleeping I won't be thinking about how hungry I am.

I also need to extend an apology to Matt... since the drops aren't working it's quite possible my body has gone into starvation mode and my weight gain wasn't due to the lotion. I apologize, Matt. ;-)

I've got to go clean up and get the kiddies ready for bed, so I'll check in again tomorrow; hopefully with more than a 0.4 loss!! =) That would bring me below 141.6 which is where I was at for the majority of the time after my last round. There was a day or two where I weighed 139, but 141.4ish was my maintenance weight. I'm looking forward to getting below it and getting into the 130's!


  1. Ruth Anne, you keep at it, with or without the drops the weigh will have to come off on 500 calories. Hope tomorrow gives better results. MB

  2. Hey Ruth Anne, dive in a pool of lotion if you want, you won't gain an ounce as long as you don't eat it, LOL!

    And the black coffee wasn't that hard to get used to. I still use cream for something bold like espresso or Starbucks, but I'm fine with black for your basic Folger's, Maxwell House, etc,

  3. good on you and I hope you can keep at it and watch the pounds drop off