Wednesday, January 19, 2011

3 days. 1500 Calories.

That's how long I have left. 3 days. 1500 calories will be consumed in those three days. Isn't that just totally nuts!?!?! In three days I will consume the same amount (or less!!) than most people eat in one day.

And I can feel it, people. I. AM. DONE. I want to make and eat food. I don't want to be restricted anymore. I'm branching out, eating things that aren't approved. Not bad things, but things like egg whites, pinto beans, rotisserie chicken--all of which has salt on it. Today I only lost 0.2, however I'm not worried or even sad about it. I've lost 2 pounds total in the last four days. There are bound to be low loss days following higher loss days. Plus, I did eat a lot of salt yesterday.

I will not be continuing past Friday, even if I have drops left (and I think I just may have 1-2 days worth of drops left, even with upping my drops to 36 a day instead of 30). I can feel that I am at the end of the road for this round, and I am okay with that. I won't be at 135. I will maybe be in the high 136's. But that's okay. I plan to do my last round in April. And then I will be at my goal weight. Cuz I can lose 10 pounds in a round, especially if 3-4 days aren't compromised by bad drops.

I've lost 9.4 pounds so far this round, so I think I can make it to 10 total. But I'll have to be very strict, very conscious, and not throw in the towel like I so badly want to do right now.

See, it's been fairly hard to be a single mom to 3 very active, very hyper, very needs-hands-on-attention-most-of-the-day children. Eating only 500 calories a day. And no reprieve at the end of the day. And now this week is my PMS week, which makes me even more tired, crampy, grumpy. And all I want to do is have a good, home-cooked warm meal. And some chocolate. But, I will wait. I will endure til the end.

And, Lord help me, I will not gorge on Saturday. Technically, you're supposed to wait 2 days after you stop the drops and continue eating 500 calories a day. But I've never done that. I've found that the drops are definitely out of my system within 24 hours and I begin eating regular people food. ;-) But in moderation. So I'll really try to reign myself in and not overdo it.

So here we go. 3 more days. I can do this. Right!!?? Yes, I can!!


  1. Your self discipline is amazing RA! You deserve to be in the 130's eating like that. Hang in want all this restriction to be worth it. xxx

  2. I've been reading your blog for some time with curiosity. I understand that you've explained how HCG works before and I don't want to come across as critical....but surely reducing your calorie intake to 500 daily, would render rapid weight loss in itself? Am very curious to know your thoughts on this...and please, don't take this as a criticism - it's just something that interests me :)
    Oh, and congrats on getting down into the mid-130s - what discipline you have!!
    Georgia :)

  3. OMG, I couldn't make it 3 days total let alone 3 final days. Hang in there you will be so glad when it is over. Nothing taste as good as skinny feels. A quote from Kate Moss, who has never been anything but skinny so how would she know?

  4. Sometimes I might get a tad jealous of other bloggers who are getting to their goals quicker than me, but I'm so truly happy for you and you 138 that I don't feel that way at all. I remember back when you were really struggling with it, and I really feel good for what you've done. What does hub think?