Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The First Day Was... Ok

I did okay yesterday; not perfect but not terrible.

I felt like I had food poisoning and my stomach was so queasy after I drank my coffee.  I ate 2 eggs and then felt sick for hours afterward.  So in the afternoon I ate one handful of Bugles (sooooo deliciously salty!!) and stopped at that. Major victory. ;-) I also had 1/4 of a quesadilla.

I also had an americano with flavor, and realized later it was totally full of sugar. I never order sugar-free, so it didn't even occur to me. Oops.

Then later I had chicken salad on lettuce leaves and wrapped in smoked turkey breast and it was soo soo soo good. I also ate 3 small pieces of organic milk chocolate.

Was it perfect? No.  But it was a good start, and I am feeling good about continuing on today.  I stepped on the scale and got numbers ranging from 144.4 to 145.6 :-P  So it's still down, just not sure how much.  I'll probably wait and only weigh once a week and then record that.

I got a new water bottle and my number one focus today is going to be drinking enough water. I have been seriously, seriously, SERIOUSLY lacking in that area and I know it's not helping anything.  My goal is to drink 70+ ounces today, between green tea and water.

Thanks for your comments and encouragement!

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  1. Great job!! Small victories add up to BIG victories!! And you are already seeing your results! Great job. Keep it up!!!