Thursday, August 4, 2011

Keeping On

So, I guess I need to stop saying I'm following the 17 Day Diet... cuz I'm not.  But I am cutting way, way back on carbs and sugar.  And it's working.

I weighed in this morning at 144.0 and that's what I'll record for this week.

I also was successful getting in all my water!! Over 70 ounces between water, green tea and coffee. 

In the evening Liz and I were majorly wanting to pig out.  And I have crunchy Cheetos in my cupboard.  And ice cream in the freezer.  And other bad-for-me food.  But instead we  made wraps with romaine leaves, turkey and tomatoes.  And then made  a pot of decaf coffee and enjoyed it on the back porch in the evening with the twinkle lights on once the kids were in bed.  Talk about bliss! =)

So things are going well; I am working to cut back on my carbs/sugar even more because yesterday for example, I had 4 bites of lemon cheesecake (totally delicious!!) and a few crackers and cheese.  But overall I'm cutting back on calories and eating less carbs and sugar, so moving in the right direction.

Here's to keeping it up and seeing 130 on the scale soon!


  1. Great job! A Couple of splurges here and there shuold help keep the cravings down! 144 is moving in the right direction. Keep it up!!